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Trina’s Turn To Visit

September 12, 2010

Since we were “fairly” close to Tulsa, where Trina and Paul live, we arranged for them to meet us in Oklahoma City for an RV Barbeque. Because of the intense heat and humidity, Allan bravely went outside and barbequed steak while we stayed inside the Soles4Souls RV and enjoyed the air conditioning. Paul relaxed from a hectic week at work while Trina entertained us with stories of their dog (who we affectionately call Demon Dog). Basically he rips hotel mattresses apart and opens car windows while Trina drives through a car wash with high pressure water jets. But, as she tells us, he’s just a two-year old puppy that hasn’t learned good behavior yet. In spite of Demon Dog, we had a great visit and so love being together with Trina and Paul. In honor of Trina taking first prize in a Guacamole Contest, she had the honor of adding Oklahoma on our RV map, documenting our visit to our 34th state on the RV tour.And yes, we all heartily sang the song from the musical…Oklahoma, “where the wind comes sweeping cross the plains”….


Seeing Sondra Again

September 12, 2010

While the last few weeks have seen us driving from Los Angeles to New Orleans in stifling heat, we’ve also had the joy of seeing our daughters. Sondra spent two weks with us in the RV, strewing clothes, food and hair products everywhere. She helped at several shoe distributions, picked giant avocados from her Uncle Randy’s house, and taught Allan how to twitter. Now she’s happily settled in Oxford and practicing her British accent.