Avoiding Vultures and Drag Car Races

Only place with five bars!

Since my book, “Fun Filled Parenting” came out a few months ago, I’ve been busy doing radio interviews. This involves radio stations setting up a time to interview me when I am on a land line. In the past, the process was simple. I simply sat in my home office and used my telephone to have a clear connection with the radio host. Now, on the road with only a cell phone, getting to a land line gets a bit more complicated. I did one interview from a pay phone with a flock of creepy-looking vultures in the tree directly over my head. Another interview took place from a pay phone next to a drag strip. Naturally the start of the race coincided with the start of my interview.
Last week, I couldn’t find a pay phone so went to several hotels, asking to use their land line. No luck. Finally I wandered the halls of a large convention center, looking for a place that my cell phone got those coveted five bars. Allan stood guard in the hallway as I did the interview, asking people to whisper if they walked by me. The things husbands do for their wives!


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