My New Hobby: Spying On Scuba Divers

Disregard the crocodiles in the water

“Super Cool!” can’t begin to describe what Allan and I experienced this morning at the Homestead Crater about 45 minutes from Salt Lake City. Picture this: you see a large mound of what looks like dirt and rocks. It’s actually a 55 foot calcite dome that most people would walk by without noticing anything special. Ah ha! That’s where the coolness factor takes over. A 110 foot tunnel lets people have access to the hot springs inside the crater. Yes, you go inside a semi-dark crater to swim in a geothermal hot spring that is around 90 degrees year round.
Because the water is 65 feet deep, many people come to scuba dive. We played it safe by snorkeling. As Allan and I swam, I thought we were the only people in the water. Then as I put my face in the water, I saw several scuba divers below me. Waaaaay below me. Their movements were so smooth as they glided beneath me. The air from their scuba tanks floated up to me like thousands of tiny jelly fish. Floating on my back, I could see the cathedral-like opening above me. The hole at the top of the dome lets in sunlight and fresh air while the interior stays heated by the mineral water. Below the surface divers can descend 55 feet into the hour glass shaped depths.
Anyone that’s even remotely close to Midway, Utah needs to head over to the crater and simply soak in the hot water, snorkel or scuba dive. The experience is way beyond anything offered at your local community pool. (Not that there’s anything wrong with community pools!)


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