Largest Boot In The World!

The brown background is a giant piece of leather!

I remember my brothers going to a tiny shoe store and getting Red Wing boots each September for back-to-school. Little did I think I’d ever be at the Red Wing corporate headquarters in none other than, Red Wing Minnesota.
We met with WesTheis, who is responsible for donating thousands and thousands of Red Wing shoes to Soles4Souls. We’ve personally experienced the joy on the faces of people who put on a pair of Red Wing boots and say “I never knew shoes could be this comfortable.” After thanking Wes for his contribution to Soles4Souls we crossed the street to the Red Wing Museum, chronicling their 150 years of business. Check out their “World’s Largest Boot”!
To make the boot:
• It took 13 months to complete. Actual fabrication of the boot required 5 months.
• The leather was joined together using the same thread and sewing machines
used in the regular production of boots.
• The final stitching required lowering a person into the boot via a pulley system.
• The gusset label was sewn on tapestry loom in Italy.
• An actual lock stitch was used to join all the components.
Red Wing has given us many shoes in large sizes, but none as large as this boot!


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