Following in the Footsteps of our Mentors

Last year, while working for Soles4Souls at the Ottawa Tulip Festival, Allan and I quickly made friends with an Italian couple who inspired us with their close relationship and zest for life. Our friendship bonded as we shared money-saving, bargain-hunting tips. Yes, the four of us are cheap!
In honor of Joe and Giordana, Allan and I made plans to visit an Italian Festival, complete with traditional foods and music. Imagine our surprise to discover admission was $12.00 per person. (And that didn’t even include a free cannoli!) We thought, “What would Joe and Giordana do? They’d never pay full price for admission to an event.”
Boy did we make our friends proud! We discovered you got free admission to the festival if you came an hour early and attended mass. Allan was raised Catholic and I went to a Catholic boarding school for two weeks, so we felt right at home with 3,000 other people worshipping together. (Statistics aren’t available on how many people were there only for the free admission!)


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