Big Mailorder Company in A Great Small Town

Ever order shoes from a catalog? Then you probably ordered from B.A. Mason. They are the largest mail order footwear cataloger in the world.The company is named after one of the founders of Mason Shoe, Bert A. Mason.

Bert and his father August Mason, started the company back in 1904 in a small logging town in northern Wisconsin called Chippewa Falls. Over a hundred years later, the company is still located in Chippewa Falls and is still owned and run by the Mason family. At one time Chippewa Falls had the largest lumber mill in the world.

In northern Wisconsin and Minnesota, lumber was king and in a small factory, Bert established his reputation by making sturdy leather boots for the lumberjacks and rivermen who harvested the huge stands of white pines. Those men demanded a lot from their footwear, and Bert made sure those demands were met.
Today B.A. Mason employs over 450 people in the Chippewa Falls area. Allan and I had a delightful visit with Scott Hunt and his co-workers Katie and Dwayne. They even took us out to lunch! It always surprises me how quickly you can sense a corporate culture. Within minutes, we knew how all three of them loved their jobs and living in Chippewa Falls with their families. So often, we hear about disgruntled employees, stressed by their jobs, the economy and their life in general. It was so refreshing to spend time with Scott, Katie and Dwayne and see how they had found the perfect personal and work balance.
So once again, we met great people who support the shoe charity, Soles4Souls with the donation of thousands of shoes!


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