Fantasies In A Deserted State Fairgrounds

Deserted State Fair Buildings

Almost everyone has been to a local state fair, complete with hoards of people viewing 4-H animals and giant zucchini squash while devouring deep fried Twinkies. Now picture that state fair totally devoid of people, animals and hot oil. That’s where we are camping in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin for the next two nights. We’re enjoying the solitude of being the only people on the entire Northeast Wisconsin State Fairgrounds. Believe me, if I lived here when I was younger, my “posse” and I would have taken over this fairground as our giant playground. Everything is wide open from the dairy barns to the Kiwanis snack bar. Allan and I walked around, overseeing our “domain” and marveling that a community is safe enough to leave buildings unattended and open to the public. Can’t even imagine the trouble I would have gotten into as a child by having all these buildings open to mischief. Why, that pig barn over yonder would have been a perfect place to take the head off a cheap plastic doll, fill her body with illegal fire crackers and watch her melt into a shriveled heap of plastic. (One of my favorite activities.)


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