Bats That Go Bump In The Night

AHHHH, the joys of a good night’s sleep. That is, until you feel a whoosh across your face at midnight. Not a small whoosh like an annoying mosquito. Oh no, this was a bat flying over my face. After the second whoosh, I did what anyone would do. I screamed “Allan, there’s a bat in here!” With perfect timing, the bat made a swan dive over Allan’s face. Twenty minutes later we still couldn’t find the bat, so we made a tent with sheets attached to our headboard, hopefully to keep the bat away from us. It seemed to work, since we didn’t see it again for two days. Last night, Allan stood in the bedroom and suddenly had the bat flying around his head. No matter what zookeepers tell you while displaying animals on the Tonight Show, bats are ugly and scary. Once again, amidst lots of screaming (my part) and opening doors and windows, we still don’t know where the bat is. Sitting in the dark RV, hoping to hear him fly around, resulted in us sitting in a dark RV with nothing to do. Last night however, mosquitoes buzzed constantly over our heads. So we have a choice: keep the bat that eats the mosquitoes or get rid of the bat and enjoy mosquito bites.


One Response to “Bats That Go Bump In The Night”

  1. Maggie Rody Says:

    Gee Silver, sounds like two great choices! I am really glad they are your choices to have to make and NOT mine!!!

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