Free Foot X-Rays!

Thanks Pat, for all the shoes!

My how times have changed! We brought the Soles4Souls RV to Stan’s Fit For Your Feet in Brookfield, Wisconsin. To help celebrate their 50th anniversary, president Jim Sajdak had an X-Ray machine on display. When the store first opened back in the 50’s, children would put their feet in a large wooden box. While parents watched on a viewer, the staff person took an actual X-Ray of the child’s foot to see how the shoe fit the child’s foot. Don’t worry, Stan’s doesn’t use that technique any more! You can buy a variety of adult and children’s shoes without worrying about the effects of X-Rays.
Stan’s Fit For Your Fit is one of the largest contributor of gently used shoes to Soles4Souls. Last February alone, they collected 33,000 pairs of shoes! We spent the afternoon talking to customers and encouraging them to bring their gently used shoes to Stan’s. Then Soles4Souls will get those shoes to people in need around the world.

We also got to meet Jim’s daughter, who was heading off to play Cosette in the musical, Le Miserables.
Break a leg Megan!


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