Wipe Your Feet Please!

Want a lesson in customer service? Spend some time with the staff at Thor Motorized Services in Elkhart, Indiana. That’s the company that “created” the Soles4Souls RV. Of course they built it without the bright blue wrap and numerous logos!
Because we give tours of the RV as we represent the shoe charity, our carpet was looking a bit worn. (Imagine having 100 or so people walk back and forth on your hall carpet every week.)
Thor graciously offered to install new carpet. This was a great relief, since Allan had been talking about possibly replacing it himself! Janae Kurtz and Jim Whitehead bent over backward to help us in any way they could. They arranged for us to have a rental car and hotel, in addition to checking out any additional repairs the RV might need. The staff found a leak from the driver’s window and immediately replaced the side wall and ordered us a new window. They didn’t overlook minor details either. We had lost a tiny bolt cover for the windshield wipers. Allan improvised by painting the bolt black. After our visit to Four Winds, we have the real deal.
Throughout our 4 day stay, I found more and more positive examples I could use when I do customer service workshops. To top it off, we’re coming back in October to do a shoe distribution in Elkhart. In the meantime, the employees at Thor will be bringing in their gently used shoes to donate to Soles4Souls!


One Response to “Wipe Your Feet Please!”

  1. Dale Britton Says:

    I know the folks at Four WInds, Janae and the entire team are great. If you come down through Florida, let me know how I can help.

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