HyTest Safety Footwear Fill A Need

CEO Peter Pittlekow tries out the RV

We’re back on the road again! And back to disrupting people at work! After almost a week in Elkhart getting new carpet in the Soles4Souls RV, we’re thrilled to be back at “work”. Our week started by visiting HyTest Safety Footwear in the Milwaukee area and thanking Peter Pittlekow and his staff for donating new shoes to us. HyTest® Safety Footwear manufactures occupational and safety footwear products. The entire staff was hard at work until we pulled in the parking lot with the RV and invited everyone for a tour.

I remember giving away shoes to a group of young adults who had been in foster care all their life. At 18, they “age out” of the system and end up on their own, often without the skills and resources needed to live independently. One boy came up to me and said, “I just got my first job and need steel toed shoes, which I can’t afford. Do you happen to have any steel toed boots?” I excitedly gave him a pair of just the boots he needed. Thanks to HyTest Safety Footwear, we’ve been able to provide sturdy boots to people across the US. How fun to meet people face to face that help contribute to Soles4Souls!


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