Sharing Steak on July 4th

Thunderstorms over Chicago on the 4th

While many of you had picnics and celebrations in parks on the 4th of July, we celebrated in a “Marshalling Station” in Chicago. This was an undiscovered place to stay with the RV and still be close to downtown. Granted, the train tracks were 100 feet away, but I pretended I was in Europe. A nine story deserted building sat next to the train tracks. This added to our evening entertainment as we watched homeless people sneak into the building at night. And then of course, the 53 foot trucks constantly pulled in and out of the area. Allan barbequed by putting his small barbeque on the back of a flat bed truck. Then we put together a steak dinner and gave it to the security guard who had to work all night.Ahhh this is America! Since I became a naturalized citizen when I was 12, 4th of July is always a special day for me.


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