Mr. Fix-It is Hard at Work

Within the last 12 hours, my favorite Mr. Fix It Man has been hard at work fixing things. He finally broke down and bought a new bicycle tire tube. We’ve been riding about 25 miles a day in Chicago and his tire kept getting flat. So Allan kept repairing the holes. Finally, after the 7th patch, he got a new tube! Yeah! Now we can ride without having to put air in his tire every 15 minutes.
Later, Allan did his fix it magic on the roof of the Soles4Souls RV. Last week, when we had a new air conditioning unit installed, the service man said we had several cracks in the roof that could cause leaks inside our RV when it rains. Of course the company offered to seal the leaks at an exorbitant cost. No problem. Once again Mr. Fix It crawled on the roof and sealed all our leaks at a fraction of the cost. I’ll let you know if we feel drips on our head during the next rain storm.


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