The Harsh Reality of Blogging

It started out as an ordinary day. Little did I know it would end with the harsh reality of life. In brief, here’s what we did:
• Took an early morning bike ride through the state park where we were camping.
• Drove to the Navy Pier in Chicago. (Not an easy feat with the RV!)
• Drove inside the convention center and set up our Soles4Souls display for “The Footwear Event” tradeshow, with the RV as part of our display. (We like to do things in attention-getting ways.)
• With time to spare, we got on our bikes and rode the glorious Lakeside Bike Path along Lake Michigan for 14 miles.
• Got brave and rode our bikes through downtown Chicago to our hotel. Not recommended for inexperienced bikers.
• The hotel didn’t know where to store our bikes, so we took them to our room…which happened to hold the record for the smallest hotel room in Chicago.
• Chicago is holding its “Taste of Chicago” event, so we walked to the park and checked out the hundreds of food displays and marveled at the thousands of people attending.
• Next on the agenda was going to a free performance of Broadway shows where we saw excerpts from Billy Elliott, Wicked, Shrek and others.
• Since that wasn’t enough entertainment, we raced to the famous Second City Theater where people such as Tina Fey, Steve Martin and Jim Beloshi got their start. Towards the end of the show, it was announced a special guest had just shown up. So Jim Beloshi himself came out and did some comedy sketches, A fun surprise,
So…doesn’t that seem like an interesting day? I was feeling pretty good until the Second City cast sang a song and did a sketch called “Nobody Reads Your Blog”. Could it be true about this blog?


One Response to “The Harsh Reality of Blogging”

  1. Jes Says:

    I’ve been reading it since March of 2009! So I believe your answer would be no. However, I’m not too sure if people actually read MY blog!

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