I Found the Perfect Family

Happy family of seven

OK, I admit yesterday I was a stalker. But in a “research-kind-of-way”. Allan and I spent almost four hours on a tour of Fort Sumpter. While I didn’t learn much about the history of the fort, I did watch the interactions of a family with seven kids. Yes, seven kids between the ages of 15 and 5. What impressed me most was how well they all got along. There was no bickering, complaining or even eye-rolling. Instead, the 13 year old boy kept playing some sort to slap-tag game with his mom, laughing all the time. The girls alternated holding their dad’s hand or leaning against him. Sure it was only four hours that I “stalked” them, but I could just tell that here was a healthy, well adjusted family that genuinely got along. Both parents were relaxed and smiled often. That’s what impressed me most. They made it obvious they enjoyed being with their kids. So for those of us with two or three kids, this family can show us how it’s done!


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