New Shoes for Savannah

It was a challenge driving to our distribution at the Holy Spirit church in Savannah, Georgia. The streets are lined with gorgeous, huge live oak trees that have massive branches hanging over the road. Signs along the way warned drivers , “Trucks use left lane”. Allan carefully steered clear of the limbs jutting over the road.
Our distribution was coordinated by Lutheran Family Services, which invited foster children and homeless adults to come get free shoes from Soles4Souls. Again and again, I notice how serious many foster kids are. When I ask a little girl if she’d like a pair of sparkly pink shoes or a purple pair, usually there is just a blank stare. It takes several efforts to get them to know they have a choice in picking a pair of shoes. Sometimes there are smiles as they leave, but often they leave with what seems to me as the weight of the world on their shoulders.
We also met many adults wearing tattered shoes. “I can’t believe I’ll have dry feet the next time it rains!”, one woman said as she left with new shoes. A special thanks to Wes, who ran a tight ship with crowd control. I love him because he even made people turn off their cell phones when they entered the room. As for me, I have my standard policy of telling the young guys they have to pull up their pants if they want to sit in my chair and get a pair of shoes. The majority laughs and say, “You sound just like my mom.”

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