Mothers Know Best

Tim's wild birthday bash

Refuge from heat

Maybe it was just a mother’s intuition, but I felt I needed to check in with Dash and Tim as they walked to Savannah. After a few texts and phone calls, we decided to pick them up and give them a break from the heat. What heat? Ohhhh just the 105 degrees with stifling humidity that has hit Georgia. We celebrated Tim’s 21st birthday in an air-conditioned restaurant, then went to an air-conditioned grocery store and bought ice cream. Dash tried sorbet for the first time and declared it a winner. With quit a bit of “nudging” on our part, we convinced Dash and Tim to take a few day’s break from walking in the heat by staying in a hotel. Since it is expected to be 110 degrees today, I have a feeling they are enjoying their air conditioned room. And I’m enjoying the fact that “my boys” aren’t going to pass out from heat stroke!


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