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Foot Solutions Helps Barefoot Walker

May 30, 2010

Ever since our RV Tour began over 14 months ago, we have had a close relationship with Foot Solutions, visiting their retail outlets and participating in their special events. Foot Solutions stores aren’t just a place to buy shoes. Through their customized solutions, they will improve your comfort and body alignment and help you achieve better health through your feet. We stopped by their corporate office in Atlanta and discussed our upcoming tour with Dash. Haven’t heard about Dash? He’s a determined young man that is representing Soles4Souls as he walks from Florida to Canada…barefoot!
So what does a shoe retailer give someone who doesn’t wear shoes? The Foot Solutions staff gave us foot lotions and gels to give Dash for his tired feet. They also gave us several pairs of Foot Solutions Walking Poles for Dash to use. You’ve probably seen people walking with what look like ski poles. Most Walking poles come with walking straps, removable rubber tips for use on hard surfaces and hardened metal tips for trails, the beach, snow and ice. The poles are made from lightweight aluminum, carbon fiber, or composite materials and will help Dash as he hikes over 1,800 miles.


Warehouse Staff Appreciation Day

May 29, 2010

Snacks for all!

While Nashville is the world headquarters for Soles4Souls, a vital “department” of the shoe charity is located in Roanoke Alabama. That’s where the main warehouse receives and distributes thousands of shoes each week. Getting 50,000 pairs of used shoes in one week isn’t unusual! If it wasn’t for the warehouse, thousands of people in need around the world wouldn’t get shoes. Since we were in the area, we made a surprise visit to the warehouse and delivered a big tub of “Soles4Souls Warehouse Staff Snacks” to the hard working staff. The tub had healthy items like fresh oranges, cheeses, cranberry juice and then of course typical snacks like chips, cookies, and ice cream bars. We added a couple of Frisbees for fun during breaks. It was just a small way of thanking people who work hard all day, sorting and packing thousands of shoes.

May 28, 2010

Last week, our home church, Christ the King in Bellingham, Washington, had a Soles4Souls shoe distribution. The church offers a weekly food bank for people in the community that need help having enough food to feed their families. In addition to food, people received a pleasant surprise by also getting a new pair of shoes.

Soles4Souls Staff Deserve a Break

May 27, 2010

After spending he last three weeks at the Soles4Souls RV Campground (well actually, we parked in their back parking lot by the delivery trucks) I know first hand how hard the staff work. Phones ring constantly, new programs are added and people stop by the office dropping off used shoes. Wayne Elsey, founder of Soles4Souls wanted to help his staff enjoy their lunch hour with some relaxation. I think these three on the new swing look pretty relaxed, don’t you?

It’s Our Lucky Day!

May 24, 2010

Check out this website today.
An enterprising college student came up with a unique way to earn some money. You can “buy” any day of the year and he promotes your product on that day. January 1st was $1.50, January 2 is $3.00, as he adds $1.50 each day. May 24 is our Panic Button day! We’ve been selling these novelty gag gifts for over 15 years.

Her Smile Says it All!

May 22, 2010

Last week, David Graben, Executive Vice President of Soles4Souls went to Charlotte North Carolina for a shoe distribution at the Thompson Children’s Center. This agency has a great mission statement: “We are called to serve children and families through healing, teaching,worship and play.”
This adorable little girl is obviously happy about her new shoes.

Sulzbacher Center Residents Get New Shoes

May 20, 2010

Wade Roberts helping fit shoes

Allan visited the Salzbacher Center, Northeast Florida’s only provider of comprehensive services for homeless men, women and children.They are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and serve nutritious meals and offer safe shelter. In fact they serve 1,300 meals a day! But that is just the beginning. They also provide outstanding health care and high-quality children’s programs. They offer something simple, but important—hope. Wayne Elsey, founder of Soles4Souls often talks about how Soles4Souls gives hope through a pair of shoes.
We distributed over 250 pairs of new shoes to the men and women at Sulzbacher Center. Wade Roberts, from Orange City Shoe Carnival, came to help get each person fitted with the correct shoes. Many people, after receiving their shoes, made an extra return trip simply to thank Soles4Souls for donating new shoes.

Unique Shoe-Giving Opportunities

May 18, 2010

Most of us simply go to a shoe store when we need a pair of shoes, knowing we most likely can find the size and style we want. Last week at the Soles4Souls shoe distribution for flood victims, we ran into seveeral unique situations. A young boy in a complete two-legged body cast cam looking for shoes. A few minutes later, another woman drove up (using hand controls). she was unable to get out of her car and walk, so our volunteers took shoes out to her.

No comment About Wayne Elsey’s Forklift Driving Skills

May 17, 2010

The Art of Driving A Forklift

May 17, 2010

Some things are better left to experts…like driving a forklift. Here’s what it looks like when a skilled driver (Allan)moves a pallet of water with a forklift.