Little Wishes for Special Kids

After days of painting and cleaning our rental house, we got back to doing what we love to do…giving shoes to people in need. In this case, we partnered with Blue Skies for Children, a non-profit that tries to raise hope and self-esteem by sponsoring enrichment programs and other essentials for homeless, low income and foster children. Everyone has heard about the Make-a-Wish program for children with severe illnesses. Blue Skies For Children has a “Little Wishes” program where people can grant a wish for a child in need in Bellingham, This can mean paying for gymnastic classes, registration for team sports such as basketball, soccer, football or even paying for a high school ASB card. The staff and volunteers at Blue Skies, headed up by Julie Guay were super organized! They had all the shoes arranged on tables by sex and size before we arrived. That’s never happened before! In addition, each family receiving shoes had filled out paperwork and even RSVP’d that they would be coming. We met amazing kids living in difficult situations. Hopefully a smile, a joke and a new pair of shoes help those kids know someone cares about them. Want to donate? Check out


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