Wayne Elsey Changed Our Life

We are NOT carrying carpet!

Yes, it’s true, Wayne Elsey, founder of Soles4Souls, the shoe charity, has changed my life. Before Allan and I met Wayne, we were the consummate do-it-yourselfers. We once bought a house in total disrepair that needed a new foundation. (As well as a new roof, new windows, new plumbing, new drywall…) Allan, in his “I can do this” mode, tried to lift the entire house using the car jack from our tiny Honda Civic. However, Wayne changed all that. We visited him at his condo where he had hired people to install new paver bricks for a patio. What? He didn’t go to the beach for free sand and mix it with mud and spit to make his own concrete blocks? We were astounded. Later we watched Wayne as he transformed a building into the new world headquarters for Soles4Souls. He hired someone to install carpeting!!!! (In another remodel Allan and I were doing, Allan suggested I get the wool from our two pet sheep and weave our own carpet.)
So using Wayne as our role model, Allan and I did the unthinkable. We hired professionals to help us get our rental house in shape. Someone came over to mow the huge lawn and trim an out of control holly hedge. Then we hired a guy to install new carpet and vinyl. We felt so guilty having someone else do “our” job, we paid them both more than they asked!

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