Fixing Those Soles

Want to see an example of loyal customers and outstanding customer service? Then visit Aaron’s Birkenstock store in St. Peters, Missouri. Selling those comfy Birkenstocks is just a part of Pat and Dave’s job. Their main focus is repairing shoes and purses. Yes, there are actually people that bring in their shoes to have the seams re-stiched, soles repaired and elastic replaced. Let’s not forget the women coming in to have their purses repaired also. (I don’t own a purse, so it’s hard for me to relate.) Pat and Dave were unflappable. Allan and I watched in amazement as customer after customer explained what they needed repaired as Pat and Dave assured them with, “No problem. We’ll get it done.” Customers were greeted with a smile and treated like long-time friends. Is it any wonder Pat and Dave’s business is flourishing?


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