Smooth Path, Unique Scenery

In the past, when I’ve written about a bike ride, I describe the great scenery and smooth bike paths. Today I’ll write about the smooth bike path and the rather unusual scenery. Since we had a corporate visit to Brown Shoe in St. Louis, we arrived a day ahead of time and actually found a campground in downtown St. Louis. We unloaded our bikes and rode through the city. Not a real smart idea, since St. Louis drivers aren’t too used to seeing bikes in heavy downtown traffic. We passed the famous St. Louis Arch and hit their two million dollar bike trail. That’s where the not-so-typical-scenery began. First we hit a flooded area where the Mississippi River crested the bank. Then we passed a rough looking tent city where homeless people had set up camp. The trail continued past a huge scrap metal factory and numerous deserted, ramshackle warehouses. The trail eventually crossed the Mississippi River so we could straddle our bikes across both Illinois and Missouri.


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