A Bit of Europe in Kansas City

Looks like we drove the RV to France!

It’s no secret I love Europe. Put me in Germany, Austria or Switzerland and I turn into a German-speaking, bratwurst eating, fool. So in order to get my Europe fix, we spent the night at Chateau Avalon in Kansas City. (That’s Kansas City Kansas, not Kansas City Missouri.) The chateau looks like, well, a chateau in Europe. The best surprise is checking out the 62 rooms and suites that have distinctive designs and themes. We stayed in the Colorado Frontier suite, with a wall sized mural, rustic framed bed and a cute western style porch complete with a wagon wheel. Being nosy, we asked for a tour of some other rooms. My favorite was the three story, 905 square foot Monte Cristo Suite. Who wouldn’t enjoy going up a winding staircase to a tower in the middle of your room? Other themes range from Tahitian to Pirate to the Venetian Palace. Each room is totally different and comes with distinctive touches like mosquito netting in the Mayan Ruins suite. (Not that there are malaria-carrying mosquitoes!)
A great breakfast is delivered to your room in the morning. I do have one complaint. The menu said the cinnamon roll is large enough for two people to share. Allan wasn’t happy because I ate the whole thing myself.
As an extra bonus, the staff collected shoes for Soles4Souls!
Check out their website at if you can’t travel the world anytime soon.
http://www.chateauavalonhotel.com/ As for me, visiting the chateau just reinforced my desire to get back to Europe!


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