World’s Wonder View Tower

A days ago I wrote about feeling ripped off for having to spend $1.00 for a 4 minute shower. Now we found a true bargain for $1.00. Yes, a visit to the World’s Wonder Tower Museum is definitely worth the $1.00 admission. Driving through a desolate area of Kansas, we saw a sign announcing “See 6 States From One Location.” Of course we had to stop.
The Wonder View Tower was built as a road house and tourist attraction in the mid-1920’s. Today, a very eccentric but loveable 80-year-old Jerry Chubbuck gives a personalized tour of his 20 room “museum”. After paying our $1.00 admission, Jerry spent half an hour trying to get us to correctly guess the items he thrust in our hands. (Most had sexual implications and were items I didn’t know exist.) Yet his enthusiasm was so contagious Allan and I eagerly held fossilized parts of the male anatomy from a walrus.
Next he took us on a tour that included hundreds of meat grinders along with thousands of tools hanging from the ceiling. You can also climb the 87 steps to the top of the tower, where on a clear day you can see six states (Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, New Mexico and South Dakota). At the tower top you find two windblown mannequins that remind you of a scene from the Bates Motel. What more could you want from $1.00?


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