Off to see the Queen

Was it Sondra's angelic appearance that got her into Oxford?

If there’s one thing I’ve tried to teach my daughters Trina and Sondra, is to be persistent in going after what they want. That’s why I’m so happy that Sondra didn’t give up when she applied for a prestigious study abroad program at Oxford University in England. She met all the qualifications except…her grade point was just shy of what was required. After being told she couldn’t be accepted, Sondra went on a “Get into Oxford” campaign. With extra letters of recommendation and a detailed portfolio that included documentation of her volunteer work in Africa, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Peru and in the US, plus copies of her published books, she let the admissions director know what she wanted. Evidently it worked, because we got a call telling us she got into the program. I think that’s what she said. It was hard to understand her in her excitement. So, for the same price as a semester in Azusa California, she’ll be heading off and probably will talk her way into meeting the Queen of England. Let’s see. If she marries Prince William or Prince Harry, does that make me royalty also? I’ve always wanted to live in a castle.


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