People in US Without Shoes

Young girl receives her own shoes

We all probably know someone on a limited budget that scrimp when it comes to owning shoes. Yet it is shocking to find people who only own one pair of tattered shoes or no shoes at all. That’s what we saw at a recent Soles4Souls shoe distribution. A young girl came in and sat down like all the others. I asked her shoe size and she said she didn’t know what it was. So I casually asked if I could look at her shoes to find the size. She quietly said, “These aren’t my shoes.” I assured her that wasn’t a problem and just brought her a few pairs of shoes to try on. I was shocked to see that her old shoes had holes and barely any sole left. We found her a great fitting pair of tennis shoes. As she stood to leave, she said, “Thank you. I didn’t own any shoes.” You can bet she got another pair of shoes to take home!

A few minutes later, a woman came in and told me she owned one pair of shoes, which she bought three years ago. She slipped them off and I saw she wore them with the heels flattened down, because they were too small. Her socks were also wet because the shoes had holes in the soles. The tears in her eyes as she left showed me we were making a difference!


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