Snowman Takes on Personality

Yes, it is officially spring, but not in Denver. We had over a foot of snow last night. Not just gentle, light flakes. Instead, the snow came whipping down with high winds, lightening and thunder. We wimped out and stayed in a hotel rather than shivering in the RV. Today we watched some dads and their sons build a 15 foot giant snowman. We overheard a kid say, “We need something for the eyes, mouth and nose. Can’t we find any rocks or anything?” Allan, (who obviously needs to be around kids some more) quickly decided to help. He grabbed a black shoe box (which we just happened to have!) and cut out round circles for the eyes and nose, along with a big, happy cardboard smile. Then he trudged through the snow in his tennis shoes and gave the “face” to the dads and boys. They loved receiving the face, even if it came from a complete stranger. The snowman kept taking shape, topped with a perfectly shaped hat. Once again, Allan wanted to be part of this event. He found an American flag in the RV and delivered it to the snowman makers. The flag was a perfect addition to their creation. It wasn’t long until people stopped by to photograph and marvel at this stunning snowman.


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