Best Distribution Ever!!

What a way to start the day! Yesterday we got an early start by distributing new boots to the residents at Harvest Farm in the Denver area. Driving up, we saw cows, llamas, chickens, goats, calves and all the other animals connected with a working farm.
Harvest Farm is a 209-acre farm and rehabilitation center for men, located in Wellington, Colorado, 70 miles north of Denver. The Farm accommodates up to 72 men who participate in a long-term treatment program.
Men determined to break cycles of addiction and poverty are referred to the Farm by detox facilities, social service agencies, and the legal system. Once there, they find educational, spiritual, and emotional support to assist their transition into society.

This nationally recognized rehabilitation program combines academics, Bible study, work therapy, and spiritual and emotional counseling in a curriculum extending up to 27 months.
What impressed Allan and I was the professionalism and respect the staff showed men in the program. I overheard Brad, as he helped a resident find the correct size boot, say, “Take your time in walking around. We want to find the best boot for your foot.” The residents were all so polite and friendly. Many of them told us how they spend hours in the dairy barn, milking cows and mucking the barn. They were so happy getting new boots, especially the Bogs weatherproof boots. One man actually danced a jig for all of us because he was so glad to have shoes instead of his ripped canvas shoes. Another staff person told us how many men arrive at the farm wearing shorts and flip flops and bringing everything they own in a backpack. Suddenly these men are working in the barns and fields in inclement weather. He told me how he struggles to get them proper work clothes.“You don’t know how this has relieved my mind to know we have boots for all our residents,” he said.
I know all the shoe manufacturers that donated boots will be happy to know their donations are greatly appreciated.
We felt blessed to be able to meet the amazing men in this rehabilitation program.


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