Not your Typical Shower

Allan's shower in the middle of an El Salvadoran kitchen was at least warm!

Think about the last shower you took. Was it anything like my experience at the state campground on Antelope Island?
• I gathered my cute plastic basket with soap, shampoo, etc.
• Left the RV and walked a block through bitter cold and wind to shower.
• Opened shower door and saw it cost $1.00 for 4 minutes. (I’m cheap. That seems too high for some water.)
• Walked back to RV through wind and cold to round up 4 quarters.
• Clutching my 4 quarters, walked back to shower, really feeling the 20 degree temperature.
• Closed the shower “room” and felt the freezing cold brick floor plus the draft coming from the screens on the two upper windows. (Draft is an understatement. More like a snow blower blasting directly on me.)
• Inserted my precious quarters and turned on the water.
• Tested the water temperature with my hand.
• Cold water.
• Colder water.
• Freezing water. All the time I want to scream “Hurry and get warm. You’re wasting valuable time!”
• Water remains at an “un-showerable”.
• Staying fully dressed, I stuck my head under the shower and set a world record in shampooing.
• By the time I walked back to the RV, I had brain freeze from the cold water and even colder wind.
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