Time for a Geography Quiz

Quick! What comes to mind when I say “Salt Lake City”? Probably the world famous Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Then what comes to mind when I say “Salt Lake”? If you were a member of the National Geography Bee, you’d answer, “Salt Lake is the largest natural lake west of the Mississippi and is 75 miles long and 28 miles wide. It also has a 25% salinity level, which means it is VERY salty.” Salt Lake also has a 15 mile long island, called Antelope Island. Why all this geography information? Because Allan and I are camping on this island that is so unique Steven Spielberg could shoot a film here. The lake is in a basin, with snowcapped mountains all around. We are at a “primitive” campsite, which means we have no water or electricity. (Don’t feel too sorry for us. The trusty Soles4Souls RV has a generator so we have all the comfort we need. )
Huge rock formations are everywhere, with some being classified as older than any other rocks found on earth. The lake has a few smaller islands and with the mountains in the background, everything looks surreal. No green grass or lush trees. It’s more like dry scrub brush and tumbleweed. And did I mention the bison? 600 wild bison roam the island freely, including right by the campsites. They are very generous in leaving behind big “reminders” that they are in the area. We love this place!


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