Girl Scouts Get New Shoes

Both Trina and Sondra were active in Girl Scouts, so it was fun to be with a Girl Scout troop in Reno. (I remember when I offered to store the cookies for Trina’s Girl Scout troop. Little did I realise I offered to store the cookies for ALL the troops in Bellingham. A 53 foot semi pulled in our driveway and unloaded pallets of cookies, overtaking our garage and basement.)

We set up our shoe boutique in the gym and opened the distribution to the Girl Scouts as well as all the girls in the afterschool program. This school is in a very low income where a community group offers free dinner every night to all the kids in the neighborhood. Many of the girl wore shoes with the heels smashed down beacuse their shoes were too small. One perky eight year old sat down and said, “You mean we are getting NEW shoes? And they are FREE? I can’t believe my lucky day!” Another girl solemnly told me, “I hope my mom doesn’t get mad and think I stole these shoes. I could never buy new shoes.”


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