Super Sunburned!

Snow Plow Queen

Our family has a long history of skiing. Not that we’re great skiers, but we have a long history of skiing…there’s a difference! Trina and our friend Maggie joined us skiing on a glacier in Austria with -20 degree chill factor. Sondra began skiing as a three-year-old on Mt. Baker. And my skiing experience started in the days of wooden skis and $5.00 lift tickets.
Since the RV was getting its 30,000 mile check-up all day, we rented a car and went skiing at Lake Tahoe. The days of $5.00 lift tickets are long gone as we paid $68.00 for a half day ticket. It was worth it as the sun was so warm we skied with light jackets and cotton gloves. Well actually I’m not sure it was worth it. $68.00 is still a lot of money!
If there was an Olympic ski event in snow plowing, I’d get a Gold medal. My skiing style is “Fast Speed. No Style”. I made it down all the hills today, with my usual form of keeping my skis in the “Slice of Pizza” position. At least that’s what they tell the pre-schoolers racing down the hills. I like to go fast and deliberately picked up speed passing a ski patrol guy watching for speeders. I was hoping he’d tell me to slow down, but I guess I need to work on my speed because he yawned the last time I “raced” past him.


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