Second Half of a Busy Day

Watching a TV broadcast about S4S on the RV monitor

#3 The day was still going strong. We went to the Western Athletic Basketball game and once again drove the Soles4Souls RV over the curb to be front and center to collect shoes. It was cold and windy, yet even two camera crews came over with their donated shoes.
#4: Since it was “only” 10:00pm, we headed downtown to a nightclub. Yes, Allan and I hung out with twenty somethings that were looking for a good time. (Now my idea of a good time is being in bed by 10:00pm with a good book, so this was an eye opening experience.) All of the $5.00 cover charge went to Soles4Souls, plus many people brought gently used shoes to support our shoe charity. We had the Step and Repeat set up as people entered and took pictures of everyone, which would then be posted on Facebook. Security was everywhere! The head of security told me they watch for baggy pants. I offered to go around and tell all the guys to pull up their pants but was informed my services weren’t needed. I also offered to go to the RV and get some of my turtlenecks for girls with extra low cut blouses. Don’t know why no one took me up on my offer. That just gave me more time to watch the Go-Go Dancers doing pole dancing. Oh yes, two young guys (who evidently need glasses) told me I was hott. What more could I ask for?

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