Half of a Busy Day

If Allan and I had “real” jobs, we’d probably be working 8:00am to 5:00pm in a heated office with regular lunch breaks and routines. But who wants routine? Here’s a rundown of what we did yesterday:
#1: We went to a Catholic school with Brian Williams where he is challenging the students to get paid for extra chores and donate the money to buy new shoes for kids in Haiti. $5.00 lets Soles4Souls buy two pairs of shoes! Brian told the kids he would break 10 bricks with his forearm if they raised $1,000. ( He confided to us he has only broken four at a time, so this could be a stretch. I’m calling his mother today to get her to make him re-think this stunt!) Brian and Allan had a cute schtick where Allan held a piece of paper super high and Brian kicked it, demonstrating his martial arts skills. Then Allan did magic so the kids were super hyped up when they left. I hear teachers love this type of assembly.
#2: Next we went to a shoe distribution at a center for abused kids and even babies. The majority of kids get taken out of their homes without any notice, so they come with just what they are wearing. Most had shoes too big or way too small. As the kids come in, I always make a fun announcement, welcoming them to our “Shoe Boutique” and telling them about the outstanding customer service they will receive as special guests in our store. One enthusiastic ten-year-old asked, “Can we keep these shoes?” When she was assured the shoes were hers, she yelled, “This is SO cool! We get to keep these shoes!!!” Another boy came in wearing some stiff, plastic shoes way too big for him. We found a pair of perfect fitting athletic shoes and over and over he said, “These are so soft. They feel so good. I love my shoes!” While these kids came from unpleasant situations, it was heartwarming to see them in the care of warm and professional staff. However, if Allan and I were a few years younger, I’d adopt a few of those amazing kids.


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