Large Space for Thousands of Shoes

In contrast to LA Sportie, the Warehouse Shoe Sale store we visited was huge, with plenty of room for displaying a variety of shoes. They carry over 3,000 name brand styles of footwear for men, women, kids and infants. If you are looking for casual footwear, this is the place. We met with Tony and Jon, who are the masterminds behind this chain of 50 stores in Southern California. Their enthusiasm for their product was evident as they gave us a tour. We returned the favor with a tour of the Soles4Souls RV…which took much less time than a tour of their store!


One Response to “Large Space for Thousands of Shoes”

  1. christine Richkoff Says:

    I am proud to have a ” clown” for a daughter, but i am equally proud of my friends daughter Silvana for what she is doing with her life and her husbands full support,
    in this endevar.
    Keep it up, you are making a difference darling.

    Love Christine and Ole

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