Why We Love Shoe Distributions

Setting up for Shepard's Pantry distribution

As Allan and I distribute shoes at cities across the country, at times it becomes a personal goal to find just the right shoe for each person we meet. Often they tell us, “I have diabetes and need an extra wide shoe” or, “My bunions make walking difficult. Do you have a comfortable shoe?” While we don’t have the selection of a “real” shoe store, we do usually have a cross-section of sizes and styles. Sometimes it takes many tries to find just the perfect shoe for someone. When we do, I usually yell, “Another satisfied customer!” as the person leaves with a big smile. At the Shepard’s Pantry, in Glendora California, we fitted over 250 people with new shoes. It was so rewarding to help one man find a shoe that fit his prosthetic leg and also felt comfortable on his other leg. We found a pair of Z-Coil shoes that he said were a God-send with their comfort and perfect fit.


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