Sport Chalet Holds Olympic Sized Shoe Drive

David Hacker taking a victory lap

What happens when someone gets an idea, gets approval from the company CEO and then has enthusiastic support from employees? They collect over 1.1 million pairs of shoes as part of Soles4Souls’ Project Haiti! David Hacker, marketing director for Sport Chalet, approached Craig Levra with the idea of collecting gently used shoes at all of their store locations. They expected to gather 30,000 or so pair of shoes. Little did they know how enthusiastic the general public would be in collecting shoes for Sport Chalet. Within a three week period, the shoes kept coming, and coming and yes, coming even more. Store owners told of arriving at their stores where boxes of shoes waited at the front door. We met a manager today who told of having to climb over mounds of donated shoes just to get to his inventory of new shoes.

Allan and I stopped by Sport Chalet corporate headquarters to personally thank everyone for this amazing shoe collection. Since the Olympics are taking place, we honored David with the “Gold Medal In Shoe Drive Organization” and had him take a victory lap holding the Olympic Torch I carried for the 2002 Winter Olympics.
Just to give you an idea how many shoes they collected…If you wanted to run one million INCHES, you’d run the length of a football field 227 timess! Now visualize one million pairs of shoes! Thank you Sport Chalet for your hard work in helping the people of Haiti.


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