Girls Getting A Second Chance

My shoes fit this girl!

Happy girls with new shoes

Some shoe distributions are more emotional than others. Through our connection with Hope Through Healing Hands and Save The Children, we met with girls who had been involved with human trafficking or sexual abuse. They lived in a group home that provided safety and comfort for them. Allan, Vicky and I brought new tennis shoes and sandals for these girls. Every girl beamed as we fitted her with shoes. We soon found shoes that fit all girls, except two. Vicky and I kept going to our bag of shoes, but couldn’t find any to fit these two girls. Allan whispered to me, “What size shoes do you wear?” I quickly took off my shoes and they were a perfect fit for the girl I was helping. Vicky saw what I did and removed her shoes. They fit the last girl!!
Even more rewarding was seeing the girls respond to Allan. He kept a low profile, knowing these girls knew only negative experiences with men. Yet after some magic tricks and a few smiles, the girls enthusiastically hugged him as they left. If only for a few minutes, they saw a man that was kind, funny and had no intention of hurting them. As the girls sang us a song, Vicky and I cried, wishing there was some way we could erase the pain these girls have endured.


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