Boys Will Be Boys

This boy's only pair of shoes

One of our main reasons to go to El Salvador was to distribute shoes to people involved with Save the Children.
One of their staff, Jenny, along with a driver, picked us up and took us around Santa Ana, the second largest city in El Salvador. First stop: a boarding school for boys whose parents were too poor to care for them. The boys receive schooling, food and career training. The boys were very excited to get new flip flops. Ever try to organize 200 enthusiastic boys brimming with energy? They had the truck unloaded in record time and actually lined up in a semi-orderly fashion. Most of the boys had ripped shoes and one boy wore two different shoes because that was his only pair. Motherly instincts took over as Vicky and I helped each boy take off his old shoes and fit him with new flip flops…with a few more hugs and pats on the back.


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