Great Deal on a Hotel!

Such a deal at $8.00 for three hours!

Our family are pretty adaptable travelers. We’ve spent Christmas Eve during an 11 hour layover in Heathrow Airport and trudged 10 miles down the Grand Canyon in a snowstorm…with nary a complaint. But when it comes to staying at a “host” family’s home, I want privacy and don’t want to interrupt the homeowners. So when we decided to go to El Salvador to help Allan’s brother Randy do electrical work on a new home for elderly people, I clearly stated I wanted to stay in a hotel. Irv, our missionary host, assured me he had spoken with the owner of a small nearby hotel and Allan and I could stay there and then simply walk to “work” . Great!
Irv took us to the New York Hotel, which was neatly painted and landscaped. It looked so nice Randy and his wife Vicky talked about staying there also. That’s when one of the staff appeared and told us if we spent the night, we’d have to take all our things and move out in the morning. Evidently, what none of us noticed was that the” hotel” was rented on an hourly basis only. Yes, we were standing in the courtyard of a brothel, which rented for the great price of $8.00 for three hours! Suddenly staying at a host home looked quite appealing.


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