People in Need Get Food and Shoes

Allan and I have visited many homeless shelters were people come for meals and then get a hot shower and clean beds to sleep on. Last night we had the unique experience of distributing shoes with the Fill A Belly program in Carlsbad and Encinitas, California. Their program, started by two sisters who saw a need to feed the homeless, is run by volunteers in two locations on Tuesday nights. The first location served dinner in a cozy church meeting room. Our friend Dick came along and immediately got involved making sure everyone had the right size shoe. People warmed up to his outgoing personality.
The second location was a completely different experience. Meals are served under a park gazebo. That’s fine on a summer night, but in our case, it was bitter cold, rainy and windy. The tables under the gazebo were wet and the people coming for meals had sopping wet shoes and pant legs. Many showed us the holes in their soles. As we gave them new shoes, we saw most had dripping wet socks. My long-time friend and partner-in-getting-in-trouble, Sandy, raced to the store and returned with packages of new, dry socks. When we found more people with wet socks, I raced to the RV and returned with clean, dry socks from Allan’s sock drawer. After a delicious meal, the men and women thanked us and said good bye. Then they wandered off in the rain, to find a dry area under a tree or bridge. At least we knew their stomach was full and feet were dry.


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