We Reach RV Mecca!

How's this for a unique business?

Vendors at Quartzsite

Mention “Sturgis in August” to anyone involved with motorcycles, and their eyes light up the size of motorcycle hubcaps. Mention “Quartzsite in January” to anyone involved with RV’s and their eyes light up the size of RV hubcaps. In fact, some estimates say close to one million people come to the tiny desert town of Quartzsite, Arizona during the winter months. The big attraction? Free camping! There are hundreds of government owned acres open to RV’ers who want to “boondock” or camp without water or electricity. You don’t have to rough it. Savvy business people sell water while others come to your RV and vacuum your blackwater tank. There’s even a large truck where you can take a shower for $5.00!

Everywhere you look, RV’s are camped alone or in clusters. In addition, hundreds of flea market type shops sell anything connected with the RV industry. Of course, we had to have the Soles4Souls RV participate by camping overnight in the desert without the modern comforts of running water and electricty. One more thing we can mark off our RV Bucket list.


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