Who Knew There Were So Many Shoes?

See our blue booth inside the front door?

Being at a trade show is hard work!

As a speaker, I’ve been hired to present at some interssting conferences. There was the Canadian Llama Association where participants actually brought their llamas along. Another time I spoke to school cafeteria workers in a tiny rural community. And let’s not forget when I was hired to speak at a nudist conference!
Today Allan and I are at the World Shoe Association, a trade show andd conference filled with shoes, shoes and more shoes. (Not that they asked me to speak at one of their seminars…)

Who knew so many companies design and manufacture shoes? We’re here, of course, to let people know about how they can get involved with Soles4Souls. Our booth is set up in a great location right by the entrance door. This evening Donald Faison, star of “Scrubs” will be at our booth signing autographs and raising awareness of our shoe charity, Soles4Souls.


2 Responses to “Who Knew There Were So Many Shoes?”

  1. Lillia Says:

    So, we MUST know…DID you accept the gig at the nudist conference?

    • s4srvtour Says:

      Yes, I was gutsy enough to go…after they told me I could wear clothes. Lucky for me, there was a “cold snap” in Palm Springs and everyone wore clothes!

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