How do You Pass Time in a Small Town?

Windshield wiper failure

It’s a good thing Allan and I like variety, because that’s what happens on this tour. After spending the night in Gallup New Mexico because the freeway closed due to snow, we headed out for Flagstaff. One mile on the freeway, driving through snow and slush we came across a problem. Other than your seatbelt, what important part of a car do you need when driving through snow? Correct! Windshield wipers…which had suddenly stopped working. Allan pulled over on the next exit (at least we think it was an exit) and discovered the windshield wiper linkage had cracked. Normally that guy can fix anything with baling wire and duct tape, but not in this case. So after wiping off the windshield, we drove on the famous Route 66 to a Ford dealer. Obviously they didn’t want our business because they basically told us they couldn’t fix the wipers. We did find a small, father and son RV repair shop where the helpful employee said he could fabricate a part for us on Monday. Since we don’t have to be in Phoenix until Wednesday, that sounded like a plan. Now we just had to pass the time in a small town from Saturday until Monday. With snow coming down, we ducked into a Goodwill, looking for snow boots.  Allan found some wheels he needed to repair a carrying case for a Step-And-Repeat sign we have. We both took our time browsing through the used books, debating whether to buy “Lose Weight on the Cabbage Soup Diet”. Turned out to be a perfect way to pass a few hours.


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