Highly Trained Shoe Distributors

Most people think Allan and I simply pass out shoes at various distribution sites. Oh no! We have become highly trained, (well maybe semi-highly) in fitting shoes. While visiting the corporate headquarters for Z-Coil Footwear, we received training from Sequoia on how to size and adjust their amazing shoes. She gave Allan a special tool and some screws, so he’s looking for opportunities to display his skill at adjusting the shoes.

Z-Coil gave us 275 pairs of shoes to take with us for future distributions. That evening, we were stuck inside the RV because it was 12 degrees outside. While sorting and sizing the shoes, I tried on a pair. WOW! They are amazing. I walked back and forth in the RV, (a total of 14 steps one way) and they feel great. Can’t imagine what it would be like to wear them for more than one RV length!

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