Snowy Navajo Indian Reservation Visit

People were thrilled with their Z-Coil shoes!

Another satisfied Z-Coil customer

Neither snow, nor sleet, nor dark of night…can stop the Soles4Souls RV from getting  where it needs to go! We were scheduled to be at the Navajo Indian Reservation in Thoreau, New Mexico. One slight problem. The area around Thoreau was being hit with the biggest snowstorm in twenty years. After collecting shoes at Z-Coil in Albuquerque, we drove towards Thoreau and found one lone campground open in the blizzard. After closing the curtains and putting a blanket over the door to keep in heat, we settled in for the night. This morning we drove 25 miles through snow and arrived in time for the distribution. Many people from the tribe braved the storm and came to get new shoes from various manufacturers. Staff were wonderful at registering people and keeping the line moving so no one had to wait too long to get shoes. TIVA sent boxes of adorable girl’s shoes which made many little girls happy. Men, women and children left with smiles and boxes of new shoes. After the distribution, Allan and I got back in the trusty RV and drove as far as we could to Gallup, New Mexico before the freeway was closed due to snow. We’ll see how long we have to stay here!


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