Z- Coil Donates Shoes!

Enthusiastic shoe donor

Lots of activity at Z-Coils!

Have you ever walked into a room and immediately thought “These are great people!”? That’s what we felt when we walked into the Z-Coil corporate headquarters in Albuquerque. Kathy and the rest of the staff greeted us as if we were old friends. Their enthusiasm for collecting shoes for Haiti was evident as they thanked every person coming through the door…and there was a continuous parade of people! Alvaro Gallegos, the 79 year old founder of Z-Coil, stood next to us, sorting and banding hundreds of shoes. Read Alvaro’s story on the Z-Coil website about his determination to pursue his dream of designing shoes that provide pain relief to thousands of people. www.zcoil.com

By 3:00pm, over 800 pairs of shoes were donated to the Z-Coil store. That’s 800 people in Haiti that will now have shoes to wear. In addition, Z-Coil donated 1,500 pairs of new shoes to Haiti. Then they gave us 275 pairs of additional new shoes to take with us to give away in our next few distributions. Allan removed the table in the RV and we loaded up 15 large bags of new shoes. Thank you Z-Coil, for your hard work and generous donations!


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