Seniors Love New Shoes

Boy, did we see lots of smiles today! Allan and I visited the CARE Center in Livingston Texas, run by the ESCAPEES Club. ESCAPEES are people who love the RV lifestyle and frequently travel full-time in their rigs. The CARE Center is for people who can no longer drive their RV’s or need some basic living assistance. They come to the center for three meals, activities, crafts, music, help with bathing and today…free shoes! Then in the evenings they go “home” to their parked RV.

The Soles4Souls warehouse in Alabama shipped high quality shoes with Velcro closings, which was perfect for the seniors. I met Jo, who was so excited about the shoes because she needed them for “training”. Two weeks ago, her guide dog Henry died unexpectedly. As she is telling me her story, I started crying and a woman walked by and said “Are you talking about Henry? He was a great dog.” Then she started crying. Obviously Henry was a special dog. Next  week Jo was getting trained to work with a new dog, so new shoes would help her. As an added bonus to getting new shoes, we brought the Olympic torch Sondra and I carried for the 2002 Olympics. People were happy to hold the torch and pretend they were an Olympic torchbearer.

Happy resident with new shoes and Olympic torch

94 year old RV'er with new shoes!!




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