Clarks Visit MegaChurch

Did you see us on TV? Probably not. One of the perks of being on the Soles4Souls RV Tour is being able to visit churches across the country. We’ve been to very conservative churches where even I’m scared to whisper comments to Allan, along with visiting full blown Assembly of God churches where we feel comfortable clapping and cheering. Last night we attended Joel Osteen’s Lakewood church in Houston. He bought the former Compac Center where the Houston Rockets basketball games were played. Yes, a basketball stadium turned into a church that holds 16, 800 people. We were joined at the Saturday night service with only about, oh…well…around 10,000 people. The TV broadcast is seen by 200 million people worldwide. You wouldn’t have seen us because they film the “nicely dressed” people sitting in the reserved front row sits. The riff-raff, such as ourselves, sat further away from the camera. The worship service and organization of the church was impressive. Everything was first class from the decorated children’s areas to the huge bookstore to Joel himself. I admit I didn’t pay too much attention to his message because I was too involved checking out the security. Joel

Allan auditioning to be a secret service agent

 had a personal bodyguard with him at all times. Additional security men stood at the front of the church, watching the audience for any “suspicious” behavior during the entire 90 minute service. They even wore those cool ear pieces! Afterwards, people could have Joel autograph his new book. Once again, two uniformed security offers stood by, waiting by a personal elevator to deliver Joel. He came out, again with his personal bodyguard and several staff. From what I saw, I genuinely like the guy. He’s polished, that’s for sure, but also seemed genuinely interested when he talked and prayed with people. He must be doing something right to attract so many people to his church. Now if I could just figure out how to get a job as a security guard at his church so I could wear one of those cool ear pieces!


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