Ugandan Children’s Choir gets Shoes

As Sole Ambassadors for Soles4Souls, it’s always meaningful to see people in need actually receive the shoes we donate. In 2002, we traveled to Kenya and Uganda because Sondra was a “spokeschild” for Childcare Worldwide. (She was eleven.) One of the most amazing experiences was visiting Bugala Island on Lake Victoria. This 8-mile long island had no running water, no electricity and no store. What it did have was a group of people that displayed unbelievable resiliency and creativity. Children were thrilled when Sondra gave them each a new pencil. Mothers lovingly held their babies that had never worn diapers or ridden in a stroller. The villagers prepared a feast for us, rationing their food in advance so we would have a great meal. We even got to meet Annette, an eleven-year-old girl we sponsored on a monthly basis. We have a wonderful picture of Sondra and Annette wearing matching outfits. Throughout the years, we’ve kept in touch with Annette and are thrilled we could pay her way through high school, helping her break the cycle of poverty. Our relationship with Childcare continues today…with some help from Soles4Souls. Each year, Childcare brings over 10 orphans from Uganda who spend six months touring the US as part of the Ugandan Children’s Choir. some of these children were living on their own, struggling to survive. Now, with Childcare’s help, they live in loving group homes when not touring the US, sharing the need for sponsors for other orphans. Soles4Souls recently gave each child a new pair of shoes. As you can see from the pictures, the kids loved their shoes!


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